Wednesday, 25 January 2012

HK: Digipak Research AC/DC

 This is the front cover of the digipak for the classic metal band AC/DC.
It is good to look at more genre specific examples to see if there is any codes and conventions that the follow.

The front cover is quite simple, no photo but just a brown/grey textured back ground no real use of colour.
It is clear who the album is by and that the artist is AC/DC as it has the band logo taking most of the focus in a large font at the top of the cover.
Below this in a smaller, darker font written all in capitals is the album name 'BACK IN BLACK'
It isn't a very glamorous or glossy cover at all, no use of colours or bright images that are usually on digipaks to attract people to the CD and make it eye catching in shops.

There is a very large sticker which takes up almost a quarter of the front cover, this says information about what is inside the digipak like what singles it includes and how it has been digitally remastered.

The Inside
The inside of the digipak on the inner let panel has photo's of all four band members with the names of them in the photo's these photos have been shot or edited into a colour effect that fits the colour theme of the digipak.
On the right panel is the CD which is similar to the front cover and has the same sort of texture effect on it.

The Back 
Is pretty much the same as the back, it has the same brown texture, no colour or images.
On the back is the list of tracks in the album.
Below this is copyright information, information and credits about who digitally remastered the CD.
The adress for AC/DC's website. There are two logos of the record company and the production company.
A scannable bar code is located in the top right for sales purposes.

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