Wednesday, 18 January 2012

HK - DigipakEG1: Ignacio Fernandez

I have been doing some research into digipaks recently as it a task for our coursework to create a digipak for our track.

The first digipak I looked at was of Ignacio Fernandez.
It had a very simplistic cover photo just a medium long shot photograph of the artist with his guitar leant against a plain orange wall.
It doesn't follow normal conventions of digipaks which usually have more than just an image they usually have stickers or more text on the front such as album or artist name, sometimes have parental guidance warnings or other logos.

The Spine is still quite simplistic with just a white background no effects just the white background and the text that says the artist name in red and the album name in a light orangey yellow.

REAR PANEL (EXTERNAL) The back of the digipak has more on it,  but is still pretty basic, just a creamy white plain background but with a lot of text again we have the artist and album name in red and yellow but these at the top in a larger font stand out more than the rest of the text below that is in smaller writing except from the track names that are in a bold red font as appose to the smaller black font that gives some description about the album written in spanish above.

Below the track list is credits with the names of people who play what instrument, the instrument written in a small font whilst the names of the musicians is in a black bold font to make the names stand out.

At the bottom below the credits are some of the company and production LOGOs we have the logo for CM records in the bottom centre with a brief bit of copyright information.
To the left of this is the technical producers the people who made the cd with the enhanced CD logo.
and below this is the web adress to Ignacio Fernadez's official website.
In the bottom right is a bar code which is usually on every digipak as it is required for when selling them in shops.

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