Saturday, 3 December 2011

KM - "Godflesh - Slavestate" Deconstruction

Artist: Godflesh
Song Title: Slavestate
Year: 1991
Genre: Industrial Metal
Director: Howard Garfield

- This is a concept video which contains no standard narrative, but has some band performance (usually just showing individual band members separately) footage thrown in, for example at 2:22.

- This video has a very psychedelic (and quite strange) theme, which is presented through the distorted video effect which is used throughout the video.

- Religious references are used occasionally in the video , such as the man near the start holding his hands out in a crucifix pose (0:05), and less indirectly at 1:01, where the words 'JESUS' appears repeatedly on screen.

- Close ups of individual body parts are used to add to the abstract feel of the video, such as the eye at 3:14, and the fist at 1:18.

- An interesting effect that is used is the changing of the width of the video on screen, for example at 1:43 when the close up of the eye comes on screen .

- Bright colours are used throughout, to add to the psychedelic theme of the video, such as the bright orange filling up the screen at 3:30.

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