Wednesday, 3 August 2011

"Evanescence - Everybody's Fool" Denotation

The music video kicks off with a mock tv advert, featuring the singer as the promoting the product "Lies Pizza" which sets up the theme of lying, which is a main concept in the video, as at (1:19) another mock ad is shown, again with the vocalist being the person doing the advertising. There is a huge contrast from the first scene of the video to the second, as in the second scene the vocalist is shown walking down a corridor with her hood up and hands in her pockets, the colour in this scene is of huge contrast to the start of the video, as the first scene contains heavy use of bright blue and yellow colours, whereas in the corridor dark green, grey and black are the main colours, with no real distinction between them, these colours are used throughout the video, which relates to the music genre of Dark/Gothic Rock. The dreariness of the shot is also reinforces by the slow motion walking.

Dark colours
One common reocurrance in this video is the close-up shots of the singer, which is a common convention of music videos, but in "Everybody's Fool" it is used to help display the singer's emotion. An interesting point in the video is the cross cutting at 1:39, where the video quickly cuts back and forth between the singer drinking a can of "lies", and her in a bathroom drinking some sort of medicine. Even more mock advertisement appears in the video at 1:52, with some stereotypical Japanese TV advertising. Throughout the video the vocalist is seen doing various erratic acts such as cutting off her hair, scribbling on her own advertising pictures in magazines and keeping her head underwater in the bath, but there is one main controversial point in the video, which is at  2:39 when she smashes the mirror and cuts open her hand. This is controversial and risky because of the blood being shown which opens the video up to being banned or cut down on certain TV channels and websites. The negative messaging of the video is shown in its fullest at 2:48 to 2:55, as the video cuts back and forth between the mock adverts show previously in the video, with one key word being show in each shot "Crazy" "Ugly" and "Worthless".

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