Wednesday, 18 January 2012

HK - DigipakEG 3: Bryan Adams

The third digipak i looked at was by Bryan Adams, this was a quite obscure one.
The cover photo is a piece of metal that has the album name stamped into it, the text doesn't line up and is pretty sketchy giving a cross a more thrashy/low budget look to the album.
Other than this the only other thing on the cover is the name of the artist in a black font that stands out against the silver background image.

The spine is simple with just serial number, album and artist name. In a simple black font.

The back of the digipak has an background image that is a picture of a hand with a ring on and on the ring says '18 Till I Die' so it now becomes apparrent what the image on the front cover was.

There is a close upphoto of Bryan Adams slap bang in the middle of the back cover and above this has information on where the tracks on the cd were recorded with the 18 Till I Die always in a larger font.

There is of course a bar code this is placed in the top right which is different to most as they are usually located in a bottom corner.
There are production company logo's and also copyright information about the CD.

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