Wednesday, 18 January 2012

HK - DigipakEG2: Jack Johnson

The second Digipak I looked at was Jack Johnsons's: In Between Dreams album.
The album has a simplistic yet striking feel to it the black and yellow theme makes it stand out.
In the top right hand corner we have the artist and album name the artist name in a black san serif font that stands out against the yellow background making it very easy to identify which artist the album is from.

The tree looks like a real life tree that has been has been edited to have a sort of cartoon style effect.
Below the centre image of the tree in the bottom left of the cover is a SPECIAL EDITION sticker in silver, the sticker is actually a reflective material which would catch your eye if you saw it in a store.
There is another thing in the top right that looks like a sticker but is actually printed on giving information about what tracks are in the albumn.

The Spine is very simple with just the yellow logo and a tiny bit of the image of the tree still on. The album and artist name a serial number and a very small record label logo at the bottom.

The back is very very simple pretty much just a plain yellow cover but with a graphic of a tree trunk.
It has song info on the back but not the times of the songs which often appears in some digipaks.
as standard there is a barcode on the back.
Two production company logos are shown on the back and also there a three websites.
Production company website, Jack Johnsons Website and a website for a charity organisation.

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