Tuesday, 31 January 2012

KM - Examples of magazine adverts (Q)

These Adverts all came from Q magazine, although they are all adverts for tours, the bands and song writers are aiming at the same target audience and techniques to capture the target audiences are going to be used. Q is a magazine that could include Nine Inch Nails, as they often feature a large variety of Rock/ Metal bands.
This is an advert for the band Noah And The whale. I instantly notice that the writing is black while the background is white, highlighting the contrast between the two which makes the writing stand out more and become more eye catching. The photograph itself is an artistic old fashioned photograph of the band looking deep and thoughtful, the photograph film is the same colour film that they used in the the 1960s, this is the time where great legendary bands such as the Rolling Stones and the Beatles were introduced so the film type has been used to reflect on these legendary bands and imply that this band is also this great. There are tabs of red on the poster which your eye is very quickly drawn to.

This advertisement is much more basic and less eye catching apart from the giant Funeral Party sign. A lot of this advertisement is devoted to the name of the band, this is because when a fan of this band is looking through the magazine the band want to do everything in their power to grab the fans attention and to let him know about the bands activity. I really like this style, its simple and eye catching and does not overwhelm the viewer.

Like the rest of the band advertisements, this Villagers ad features large font for the name of the band and contrasting colours laid on top of each other to catch the readers attention, this contrast of colours is something we plan to use in our NIN magazine advert, using black and white. The picture in the background is the logo of the band so if the fan does not get drawn to the giant “Villagers” letters they will get drawn to the logo. This can be very useful tip when creating our advertisement, if I make the screenshot from our video that we plan to use in the ad large as well as having large lettering for the Nine Inch Nails logo then at least one of them will be eye catching and draw in a viewer. The picture also has to be interesting to draw in the members of the public who are not already fans, like this one. 

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