Wednesday, 18 January 2012

KM - David Fincher (Director)

David Fincher
One director who heavily influences Nine Inch Nails videos, as well as actually directing one of their videos - "Only". Fincher has directed such films as; Fight Club, Se7en, Panic Room and The Social Network, and has been nominated for 2 Oscars. He recently collaborated with Nine Inch Nails vocalist Trent Reznor, on the film "The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo", the second film based on the books by Stieg Larsson, on which Reznor created the soundtrack which included a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant song". Another thing Fincher is well known for is directing many of Madonna's music videos, such as "Express Yourself", "Vogue" and "Oh Father". He has also directed music videos for artists such as; Sting, George Michael, Paula Abdul, and Aerosmith.

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