Friday, 28 October 2011

KM - Albanian Music Video/ Gaga Comparison

This Albanian music video is an example of a fairly awful music video, from an objective perspective: It has almost no shot variation of any kind, extremely long takes, only one location used. All these aspects challenge the codes and conventions of music video as a format, irrelevant of genre. If you compare this to a high budget, mainstream American artist's music video such as Lady Gaga's Telephone, the contrast is immediately apparent. The Gaga video features fast pace editing, frequent location and other mise-en-scene changes such as clothing and other props. It is clearly high budget, as on top of all the mise-en-scene aspects, actors like Tyrese Gibson feature, which is another expense that clearly isn't feasible for the creators of the Albanian video. Lady Gaga's high budgets for these videos are well justified however, as nearly all of her official videos on Youtube have +50 million views, with Bad Romance having the most, at over 400 million.

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