Sunday, 4 December 2011

KM - "Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar" Deconstruction

Artist: Marilyn Manson
Song Title: Antichrist Superstar
Genre: Industrial Metal
Year: 1998
Primary Audience: Male 15-24

- This video consists of solely live, performance footage of the band on stage, band often decide to do this, as it saves the costs of creating a traditional music video.

- The video contains many Nazism references, such as the banners coming down behind Manson as he stands at the podium

- All the band members are wearing dark, Gothic clothing throughout the video, which is a common convention of the Industrial metal genre, as it is closely related to the Gothic rock genre.

- The editing at the start of the video links the shot cutting to the beat of the song, this is commonly done in rock/metal music videos.

- The main focus of the performance footage is Marilyn Manson himself, as focusing on the vocalist with many close ups/medium close ups is a common convention of music video as a format

- Multiple video layer are used in this video on many occasions, such as at 0:58and 1:06 where is shows a shot of Manson over the top of shots of the crowd. This effect is something that we can also achieve in editing by using the Final Cut software.

- There are a number of shots filmed from the crowd, theses shots are shaky and slightly out of focus to give the effect of being in the audience, such as at 1:27

- Manson very controversially rips pages out of a bible, before throwing it into the crowd at 1:59, relating to the name of the track 'Antichrist Superstar' rebellious acts like this are something that I have noticed in most of the Industrial metal videos I have deconstructed.

- All the instruments used are generally associated with the genre of Industrial Metal; electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboard etc.

- An interesting shot is shown on screen at 3:14, where there is a narrowed shot of Manson shown in the centre of the screen over the top of one of the standard wide screen crowd shots.

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