Monday, 15 August 2011

"Paramore - Emergency" Denotation

Close up of vocalist
Artist: Paramore
Song Title: Emergency
Year: 2006
Director: Shane Drake
Genre: Emo Rock
Primary Audience: 15-24

This music video is performance based, but also features some staged behind the scenes footage of the band getting ready in their bloody costumes with various cuts, bruises and bandages being applied on the band members (1:50) such as the guitarist's knuckles and the vocalist's forehead, as well as showing the director, Shane Drake, telling the band members what they should be doing during the performance. The video features heavy use of dark and dull colours, as well as stained walls with peeling wallpaper and empty picture frames (0:36), this use of colour in both the performance and indoor scenes links to the music genre that the band were at that time (emo rock), as do other aspects of mise-en-scene such as their clothing (scruffy and dirty). The indoor scene of the video features the band members all sitting around looking rather miserable and ignoring each other as they wait for the director to take them to the performance area, this relates to the meaning of the song, as it is about divorce and not talking through problems. The fact that each of the band members is wearing a rose on their clothes adds a sense of irony to the video, in relation to the meaning of the song.

Close up of guitar during solo
As each band member is first introduced in the indoor scene, the video then cuts to a shot of that member in the outdoor performance scene, this first starts with the bassist from 0:11 to 0:14. This helps people who perhaps aren't familiar with the band to know what's going on and what each person in the band does, this idea is reinforced by the fact that the only band member who doesn't have one of these indoor to performance cut openings is the vocalist, as it is clear that she is the vocalist as she is singing in the indoor scene at the start of the video. A frequent type of shot used in the video is an extreme close-up of the vocalist's eyes, which also happens to be the very first shot of the video at 0:03, this is used many more times throughout the video such as at 0:26 and it is used to display the her emotion, which relates to the music genre. During the guitar solo at 2:48 there are many low angle close ups/medium close ups of both guitarists separately, this adds more focus on the guitar, as it means the guitarist is the only one in the shot. At 3:18 there is a slow close up on the vocalist's face, this ties in with the music well, as it is just before the music kicks back in for the last chorus of the song. An interesting editing point occurs at the very end of the video at 3:47, where the shot changes on every chord strike, this adds emphasis to the music at the end of the track.

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