Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mini music video

In groups of five, we were given the task of filming and editing 30 seconds to a minute of footage for a music video, the track we chose was Madness - One Step Beyond, as after we had a talk about it we found we all had some good ideas about what we could film. On the 9th of July we went out and filmed our idea, which was a Benny Hill-esque video of a man running through streets and causing a chain reaction of people joining in with his goofy running.On the 15th of July we finished editing our idea using the software Final Cut, which included adding the original track over the top of our footage. However, after looking back through the footage and edited video we decided on re-shooting, to gather a larger variety of shots, and also because we had a few more ideas that we wanted to implement. We are planning on filming tomorrow on the 18th of July.


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