Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Media Day

Today (12th July) is media day. Our group met up at the start of the day to discuss the schedule of what we were going to do in which teaching period, as there were only certain times that we could film scenes such as in the corridor, (our group was supporting) which could only be filmed at lunch and some of our car park shots which we could only do after 2, as this was when we were getting the car that we were using for the close up shots.

We spent the first period practising lip syncing and filming vodcast footage of each member of the group describing their role in the shooting. I was the producer, as I have previous experience of producing from last year's media work. My role was to make sure that everyone involved in the filming knew what shots we were doing in what order, this was easy as I had learned from my experiences last year of the importance of having a good call sheet. During the second period we collaborated with the other group that we were paired with (the corridor group), and decided on who were going to be used as extras in the other groups filming, such as what members of the other group were going to be involved in our dance routine in the car park. This was rather hectic as both groups were huddled in the small eco-pod, but we managed to discuss things and get what we were doing sorted, due to some extra time we went up to the top of school and started recording the car park dance routine with our extras, with the help of Mel choreographing the routine. This went well and I recorded some behind the scenes footage of the filming and organisation.

The last two periods of the day we went up to the top of school to finish off the dance routine footage and the close ups of in the car. This involved everyone in the group being Britney for at least one shot, this went well and we completed our section of filming in good time, so headed back to the media classroom to discuss what problems we had faced and what went well etc.

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