Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Coursework Pitch

For my 2 minute coursework pitch to the rest of the class I decided to create a powerpoint presentation to play in the background while I explained my idea for the Red Hot Chili Pepper's song - Backwoods.

The Band
I chose this song because it is relatively short and didn't have an official video made for it already, also I am a big fan of the band. My idea was for a mainly narrative based video, with some band performance thrown in as well, the narrative was based around two friends walking along a path through some woods when one of them disappears, and the other friends has to follow clues, sent by text to find him. In terms of mise-en-scene I was planning on having the two protagonists in stereotypical teenage clothing (hoodies, trainers and jeans) and film when it was snowing, which would be for two purposes, to provide intertextual references to the band's previous work (the song "Snow"), and to add an eerie feel to the whole video.

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