Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Evaluation Question 1

Music Video:

Magazine Advert:

The first thing I did before creating the mag ad was research into the general format conventions, by de constructing a number of different genre adverts from the music magazines Kerrang and Q. A few examples are Various adverts from Q, Green Day and 30 Seconds To Mars.

The codes and conventions I found of the magazine advert format included:

  • Album release dates
  • Band logo/ images
  • Album information
  • Record company logo
  • Album artwork
  • Website URLs - band and record company
  • Large fonts
  • Info on what's included (extras etc.)
  • Text over the top of background images
  • Tour dates

After researching the general codes and conventions of the format I think briefly looked into specifically Industrial metal mag ads, such as the advert for Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral. The differences I noticed between the general examples and the Industrial metal examples were:

  • Industrial metal examples use generally darker colours
  • They are more simplistic
  • The band logo is a big focal point
I then used these codes and conventions to plan creating our own magazine advert, after creating 2 drafts, the finished mag ad included:

  • Tour dates
  • Multi-layered background
  • Band website URLs
  • Band logo
  • Album ratings
  • Social networking links
  • Release date
  • Production company logo


For research in preparation of our own digipak, like with the mag ad and video, we looked at general examples of existing digipaks, so that we could get an idea of the common codes and conventions of the format. We looked at examples such as Ignacio Fernandez, Jack Johnson, and Bryan Adams. Here are the codes and conventions that we found for the format of digipaks:

  • Cover Image/ background
  • Stickers
  • Band photographs
  • Correlation between front and back cover images
  • Bar code
  • Copyright info
  • Track list
  • Band/ Artist logo
We then looked briefly into a similar genre digipak (AC/DC), and found that there were a few differences for this genre of digipak, such as; very simple layout, not many images and darker colours. We then incorporated these codes and conventions into our own digipak.

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