Wednesday, 28 December 2011

BH- Examples of digipaks 1

The Beatles- Love

The cover is stylised as to have the members of the Beatles as orange silhouettes coming from the title
love- which is surrounded by an orange outline. This gives it a comic book art style.

The background, made up of orange swirls and the generally textured look to the cover give it a very 'retro' feel which is appropriate for The Beatles. The warm colours are also indicative of the genre, the light colours would seem to signify psychedelic-rock.


The rear of the digipak is essentially the same kind of image only with more orange textures. Also all the copyright notices and credits appear here. Something to note is the lack of song titles on the rear. This would
indicate that the band are fairly big and that the audience would know  what to expect from the digipak

Here we have the track listing on the inlay
we have the track listing here too, which appears to be fairly extensive, we also have a continuation of the art style, only with the band members being much a much lighter shade- which contrasts with the second CD which features darker band members, but essentially the same image. 

The second inlay appears to be essentially the same but only with slightly different textures and the CD cover, a
darker colour.

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